St Helena is one of the remotest islands on the planet, a tiny speck of land measuring ten miles by six and covering just 47 square miles in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is 1200 miles west of Africa and 1800 miles east of Brazil. For hundreds of years it was a stopping point for ships  and controlled by the East India Company. It is most famous as Napoleon’s place of exile following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.

St Helena can now be reached with a regular Saturday flight from South Africa. An additional mid-week service operates between December and April allowing for stays of three, four or ten nights as well as seven. There are also some fantastic cruises which call in at St Helena and at some of the other remote islands in the South Atlantic.

Discover St Helena, the secret of the South Atlantic.


  • Longwood House
  • Napoleon’s Tomb
  • Briar’s Pavilion
  • Bertrand’s Cottage


  • History Tours
  • Hikes and Walks
  • Sea Excursions
  • Wildlife spotting


  • Giant Tortoises
  • Wirebirds
  • Millennium Forest
  • Blushing Snail


  • Whalesharks
  • Wrecks
  • Dolphins
  • Humpback Whales

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Please note: St Helena operates on Greenwich Mean Time all year round.


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